Property owners and business owners in Nevada have a duty to keep their premises and establishments safe and free of hazards. Such things as slippery substances or tools left on the floor from cleaning or routine maintenance can be very dangerous and can cause significant injury to visitors. As populations rise, it seems that slip-and-fall accidents are becoming more and more common these days across the country. A woman in another state filed a lawsuit against the owners of a retail establishment after she apparently suffered injuries from a fall in their store.

The woman was shopping in the store when, according to the suit, she encountered a slippery substance on the floor. The woman alleges that the slippery substance caused her to fall and suffer permanent injury. The lawsuit claims the plaintiff suffered injuries to her forearm, head, back and neck.

The plaintiff claims negligence by the store owner led to her injuries. The property owners failed to maintain the property and failed to provide a safe environment, she claims. The woman seeks payment for all damages, trial by jury and all other just relief.

When dangerous conditions in a store or business contribute to accidents such as this, the property owner(s) can be held responsible. Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to traumatic injuries that can cause victims to incur lost wages and financial instability as medical bills begin piling up. Nevada residents who have been injured due to the negligence of business and property owners can benefit from seeking the assistance of a personal injury attorney. A successful lawsuit can result in vital compensation that can be used to cover medical expenses as well as other monetary losses.

Source:, “Huntington woman blames Gabe’s for injuries“, Philip Gonzales, July 4, 2017