It’s summer in Nevada, and as populations rise, there are more and more people using facilities for fun and recreation. Property and business owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for all visitors. Unfortunately, visitors are sometimes injured due to the negligence of irresponsible property owners. A woman in another state was recently awarded $300,000 from a premises liability lawsuit she filed after she allegedly suffered injury from tripping on a rug.

The woman was a volunteer at a recreation center in another state. According to the lawsuit, the woman warned people of a rug that could be a possible tripping hazard at the recreation center. The woman claimed the rug was never removed. She ended up tripping over the rug and suffering serious injuries.

The lawsuit claimed her injuries included a black eye, a concussion, and back and neck issues that continue to require treatment. The lawsuit cited several complaints from witnesses that there was a problem with the floor mats in the recreation center, yet no action was taken to correct the issue. The plaintiff won the case and was awarded $300,000.

In Nevada, it is the responsibility of building and property owners to take the necessary precautions to keep facilities free of hazards and safe for visitors. When hazardous conditions on a property cause injuries to visitors, a premises liability claim can be filed in civil court. Damages awarded from a successfully litigated lawsuit can provide victims and families with much-needed financial relief to cover mounting medical expenses.

Source:, “Myrtle Beach ordered to pay $300,000 to woman who tripped on rec center rug“, Chloe Johnson, July 19, 2017