Business and property owners in Nevada and across the country have an obligation to keep their property safe for consumers and others lawfully on the premises. Unfortunately, managers or owners of businesses can sometimes neglect to properly maintain their premises and/or warn visitors of potential hazards on their property. Things on the floor such as water, tools or furled floor mats can lead to injuries to visitors. A woman in another state filed a premises liability lawsuit after she allegedly tripped and fell in a restaurant due to a rolled up floor mat.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was walking in the entrance of the restaurant when stumbled over a furled floor mat and fell. Allegedly, the fall caused significant injury to the woman. The woman claims she accrued medical expenses due to her injuries.

She also claims her injuries caused her mental anguish, as well as pain and suffering. The woman accuses the business owners of neglect because, allegedly, they failed to warn her of the dangerous conditions and failed to repair or replace the furled mat. The plaintiff seeks compensatory and punitive damages, as well as court costs and other just relief.

Although the majority of businesses in Nevada are safe for customers, things such as routine cleaning and maintenance can present hazards that can lead to injury. When businesses or property owners fail to take appropriate precautions to prevent hazardous conditions, they can be held responsible. Those injured due to the neglect of business and property owners can take action by filing a premises liability claim. Damages awarded from a successful lawsuit can be used to cover medical expenses as well as other financial losses

Source:, “Fairdale woman says she was injured after tripping over mat at Burger King“, Philip Gonzales, July 12, 2017