Navigating crowded roadways can be one of the most dangerous tasks in the daily lives of Nevada citizens. According to recent statistics, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Increasing numbers of vehicles sharing the road combined with the an increasing amount of distractions facing drivers these days make accidents almost inevitable. Despite stringent laws in place to protect modern day motorists, deadly accidents seem to be occurring more frequently. A recent crash on a busy roadway in Reno claimed the life of two people.

The two-vehicle crash occurred during the early morning hours on Interstate 580 in Reno. Initial reports indicate the driver of a red Toyota Camry was driving the wrong direction on I-580. This resulted in a violent head-on collision with another car.

Tragically, the driver of the Toyota Camry and the driver of the other car were both killed in the crash. The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that the driver of the Camry may have been impaired. Authorities are seeking information as investigations are still ongoing.

Distracted and impaired drivers are just some of the many threats facing Nevada drivers these days. Car accidents are unexpected events that no person wants to face. When an accident results in serious injuries or death, the experience can be traumatic and absolutely devastating for all those involved. Anyone in Nevada who suffers injuries or loss from this type of accident can take legal action. Victims and families could achieve financial relief from any monetary damages awarded from a successfully litigated civil lawsuit.

Source:, “2 killed in wrong-way, head-on crash on I-580 in Reno”, Aug. 22, 2017