Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is something that comes with great responsibility and should always be taken seriously. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and with more and more vehicles taking to the road, reports of serious car wrecks seem to be increasing. Unfortunately, not all drivers in Nevada are cautious behind the wheel, and some can even be described as irresponsible. Police say that drag racing could be the possible cause of a recent crash in Las Vegas that left one person dead.

Reportedly, the driver of a Honda Civic lost control of the vehicle and drove through the median of a Las Vegas highway. The Honda continued through the median and into oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the highway. The driver of the Honda collided with the driver of a Kia who was traveling in the opposite direction. The Kia was then struck by a van.

Tragically, a passenger in the Kia was critically injured and rushed to a local hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. The driver of the Kia suffered moderate injuries. Police think the driver of the Honda may have been drag racing. According to witness reports, an unidentified red car was racing with the Honda just before the crash. Investigations are still ongoing.

As traffic increases on roadways across the great state of Nevada, drivers need to be extra cautious to avoid accidents. Although they’re in the minority, there will always be those irresponsible drivers that take the seriousness of driving for granted. Victims and families of those injured or killed by no fault of their own in car wrecks can pursue damages for their pain and suffering. A successful lawsuit could result in a monetary award that could help with medical bills or end of life expenses.

Source:, “Police: Driver may have been racing before fatal crash“, Aug. 23, 2017