As summer winds down and students return to school in Nevada, there will be an increase in foot traffic along busy roadways. Motorists should take caution and reduce speed when entering school zones. Children walking to and from school could be susceptible to auto-pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, not all drivers are as focused as they should be behind the wheel, especially with the ever increasing amount of distractions these days. Police are seeking information after a car allegedly struck a young girl in Reno and fled the scene

A 13-year-old girl received injuries after she was struck by a car while crossing the road. The accident happened around 7:00 am as the girl was making her way to school. Reports indicate that the girl attempted to make a safe crossing and used a pedestrian activated flasher that alerts drivers to pedestrians crossing the road.

Tragically, as the girl was crossing the road, she was struck by a car and injured. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police say the driver fled the scene. The crash is still under investigation, but police are currently seeking information and offering a reward to anyone who may have information about the accident.

Despite increased public awareness about the distractions that today’s drivers may face, accidents like this seem to be on the rise. It is important for Nevada residents to know that they can pursue damages for injuries sustained as a result of negligence in auto-pedestrian accidents. A successful claim could result in vital compensation to victims and families.

Source:, “Reward Offered After Middle School Student Hospitalized After Hit-and-Run Crash“, Nicole Jackson, Aug. 7, 2017