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Auto-pedestrian accidents are on the rise across Nevada

Roadways are becoming more and more crowded in the state of Nevada. Increasing numbers of vehicles and pedestrians are sharing city streets as populations continue to rise in cities across the state. Unfortunately, not all drivers are careful behind the wheel, especially with the abundance of distractions that drivers face these days. Distracted and careless drivers combined with increased foot traffic can mean that auto-pedestrian accidents are almost inevitable. These types of accidents can turn deadly in a hurry, as evidenced in a recent Reno crash that killed a pedestrian.

Alleged slip and fall results in injuries to shopper

Each year, thousands of people visit stores and shops across the great state of Nevada. The vast majority of businesses and shops in Nevada are safe and welcome visitors. Although in the minority, there will always be those property owners who neglect to maintain their properties. Potential hazards like water left on the floor can cause shoppers to slip and fall. When hazards or neglect cause injuries to visitors, property and business owners can be held legally responsible.

How to handle an accident with an uninsured driver

Getting into a car accident is never a good thing. When the accident is caused by a driver who does not have insurance, things go from bad to worse. You are stuck footing the bill, and the chances are pretty good you will never recoup the loss from the responsible party or at least will have a very hard time doing it.

As populations increase, so do auto-pedestrian accidents

Nevada cities are thriving these days, which means more and more people are moving to Nevada to take advantage of the great opportunities the state has to offer. With roadways becoming more and more crowded, a lot of people choose walking as their main source of transportation. Unfortunately, crowded roadways combined with crowded sidewalks means auto-pedestrian accidents are almost inevitable. Recently, some Las Vegas pedestrians were injured when a vehicle left the roadway and struck them on a sidewalk.

3 reasons every driver should have collision coverage

After a car accident in Nevada, your immediate concerns are about injuries, but soon, your focus moves on to damage. If your vehicle is heavily damaged, you may be worried about repairs. What will you drive in the meantime? How will you get your vehicle operational again? What will it all cost? One way to prevent worries and concerns over affording the costs to fix damage is to have collision coverage on your auto insurance.

Man injured by faulty door pursues premises liability claim

Business and property owners in Nevada and across the country have a legal responsibility to keep their establishments and properties safe for all visitors. Failure to eliminate hazards and adequately maintain property can create an unsafe environment that has the potential to cause injuries to all those who visit. Water leaks, inadequate lighting and defective equipment are just a few examples of potentially dangerous hazards that could cause harm to visitors. A man in another state was allegedly injured due to unsafe conditions when visiting a grocery store, and he has filed a premises liability lawsuit.

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