Nevada cities are thriving these days, which means more and more people are moving to Nevada to take advantage of the great opportunities the state has to offer. With roadways becoming more and more crowded, a lot of people choose walking as their main source of transportation. Unfortunately, crowded roadways combined with crowded sidewalks means auto-pedestrian accidents are almost inevitable. Recently, some Las Vegas pedestrians were injured when a vehicle left the roadway and struck them on a sidewalk.

The Las Vegas accident occurred during the nighttime hours along Civic Center Drive. Police reports say a sedan was traveling northbound and left the roadway. As the vehicle left the roadway, it struck 3 pedestrians who were on the sidewalk, according to reports.

Unfortunately, the driver of the sedan fled the scene of the accident. Reports indicate there was significant damage to the front and passenger side of the car, as well as debris left at the scene from the car. Two of the three pedestrians suffered injuries and were transported to a local medical center for treatment. Police say they have not located the driver of the sedan and are seeking information.

When the driver of the sedan is located, he or she could end up facing multiple charges as well as jail time. It is important for Nevada citizens to know that they can pursue damages for injuries suffered as a result of negligence in auto-pedestrian accidents. A successful lawsuit could provide victims with compensation that could be used to help with medical expenses and other costs accrued due to injuries.

Source:, “NLVPD seeking driver involved in hit-and-run crash“, Jennifer Hurtado, Brenda Yahm, Sept. 7, 2017