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Halloween pedestrian safety in Las Vegas

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Firm News, Pedestrian Accidents | 0 comments

Halloween is a night of chills and thrills in Las Vegas for adults and children alike. Unfortunately, though, some of the chills turn out to be real when pedestrians get injured or killed in car accidents. In fact, the pedestrian risk of fatalities doubles, and the risk of a drink-related fatality increases by 17 percent.

So, here is a look at how big and little pedestrians in Las Vegas can stay safe.

Safe costumes

Safe costumes can be fun. In fact, they may force you to think even more creatively and come up with a better costume as a result. Watch out for:

  • Fabrics that are not flame-resistant
  • Oversized shoes
  • Hard or sharp costume accessories
  • Long gowns or costumes that pose tripping hazards
  • Billowing skirts and baggy sleeves
  • Masks that hinder your breathing and ability to see
  • Dark costumes

If you wear a dark costume, you can use reflective tape to make yourself more visible to drivers. Secure hats and scarves so they do not slip and get in the way of visibility.

Good behavior

Adults should drink moderately or not at all. If adults must drink before crawling the Strip, they should have a “sober walker” to help them get around. Drinkers should take public transportation or cabs rather than try to drive themselves anywhere. As for pedestrians, they need to avoid sudden movements such as running into the street. Looking both ways before crossing helps keep them safe.

Well-laid-out neighborhoods

Trick-or-treating can be safer in neighborhoods that have good lighting and sidewalks at least six feet from the street. Narrow roads are better, as drivers tend to pay more attention to them and there is less space needed to cross. Perhaps the most important factor, though, is the presence of plenty of other trick-or-treaters. Drivers are more likely to slow down and drive carefully if they see large groups wandering about.