The great state of Nevada is home to a wide range of shopping outlets and malls that attract multitudes of tourists each year. Premises liability laws impose on the owners of these establishments a responsibility to keep their stores safe for patrons and visitors. Although not always expected or predictable, accidents are going to happen. Some accidents can be unavoidable and almost impossible to anticipate and expect. However, there are a lot of accidents that can be prevented by taking the necessary precautions.

A man in another state claims suffered injury due to a fall he experienced in a grocery store. He has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the store. The lawsuit alleges that the man was shopping at the store and encountered hazardous conditions at the entrance/exit of the store. Allegedly, the man fell due to the hazards.

The man claims the fall resulted in serious injuries to his legs, knees, feet and ankles. These injuries have caused the plaintiff great pain and inconvenience as well as loss of well-being, the lawsuit claims. The plaintiff accuses the defendant of negligence by failing to maintain the premises and provide a safe environment for customers. The plaintiff seeks damages as well as other fees and court costs.

Although this particular incident happened in another state, an accident can happen anywhere at anytime. Accidents in shops and other public places can be the result of owners not taking the proper precautions to provide a safe environment for customers. Those in Nevada who suffer injury due to the neglect of the property owner(s) can file a premises liability lawsuit. A successful lawsuit could result in a monetary award to help with medical expenses and other monetary damages incurred.

Source:, “Customer blames Kroger for injuries“, Philip Gonzales, Oct. 24, 2017