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Risks facing commuters in the Las Vegas area

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Firm News, Pedestrian Accidents | 0 comments

Depending on your preferences and personality, your daily commute could be something you look forward to or something you dread. No matter the situation, though, there are certain risks you face, and this is especially true in states such as Nevada. In fact, numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration show death rates are unusually high for Nevada drivers and pedestrians. (The numbers are better for passengers.) So, if you spend a lot of time in your car, here are some things to think about:

Are you drowsy?

Some people do not wake up as well as others. You might be someone who needs a strong gallon of coffee to wake up, and even then, you might not be fully awake. Driving while sleepy has its share of risks and, of course, is not limited to your before-work commute. Plenty of people get off work tired as well.

Do you drive through an area with many pedestrians?

Quite a few areas in Las Vegas and other cities are heavy with pedestrians, and they do not always follow good practices such as looking both ways before crossing the street or waiting for their turn to cross.

Do you take public transit?

If you take the bus, you are in luck. In fact, your crash risk may have gone down by as much as 90 percent, according to research by the American Public Transportation Association. You may be safer on your commute if you take a bus, but you might lose some of the conveniences a car brings.

Do you drive with distractions?

Whether your potential distractions in the car come in the form of a cellphone, children or a breakfast just waiting to be eaten, they can prove risky. Anything drivers can do to minimize or eliminate distractions is in their best interest. After all, it takes just one moment of inattention to accidentally hit someone.