The holidays are a time when shoppers around the country flock to malls and stores in search of that perfect gift for their friends and family. One fact of life that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season is that accidents are going to happen. Some accidents are impossible to anticipate and are unavoidable. However, a lot of accidents can be prevented by taking a few simple precautions such as removing hazards or fixing property that has fallen under disrepair. In the state of Nevada, those who suffer injuries due to hazardous conditions while lawfully visiting a property may have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit.

A woman in another state says she suffered injuries from a fall on a set of stairs. She has filed a lawsuit against the property owners. The plaintiff is a tenant in an apartment complex and claims that a set of faulty stairs caused her to fall. The fall resulted in multiple injuries, according to the claim.

The woman alleges that she noticed the stairs were in a state of disrepair more than a year prior to her fall. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff notified the property owners of the potential hazard but nothing was done. The plaintiff seeks to hold the property owners responsible for her injuries due to their failure to repair the stairs. The woman seeks punitive and compensatory damages, as well as all other just relief.

The holiday season is a time of love and happiness, but this joyous season can quickly turn tragic when accidents occur. Property owners in Nevada have a legal responsibility to keep their properties safe for all who are lawfully on the premises. Taking basic precautions like repairing damaged property can prevent serious accidents. When hazardous conditions on a property cause injuries to visitors, the property owner(s) could be held responsible. A successful premises liability claim may result in compensation to help with medical expenses and other monetary damages accrued as a result of the injuries.

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