The national economy is continuing to grow, and with this growth comes the need to transport products and merchandise. Businesses in Nevada and across the United States rely on trucks to import and export goods on a daily basis. As the economy grows, so does the number of semi-trucks on roadways across the nation. Due to the size of tractor-trailers, any accident involving these rigs is more likely to be damaging and result in serious injuries. According to recent statistics, fatal trucking accidents occur almost 11 times a day.

A recent accident involving two semi-trucks resulted in serious injuries to both drivers. The accident occurred during the early morning hours on Interstate 15 near Mesquite. Reports indicate that traffic had stopped on the interstate due to a prior accident. Witnesses say one semi was stopped behind numerous vehicles when it was struck from behind by another semi that was unable to stop.

The violent impact caused significant damage to the stationary semi and trapped the driver inside. Authorities said that an extensive extrication was needed to free the trapped driver. Both drivers were injured and flown to local medical centers for treatment. Multiple lanes of Interstate 15 were closed for hours due to the crash.

Unfortunately, these big trucks can sometimes contribute to crashes as roadways continue to become more congested. Trucking accidents often result in serious injuries and sometimes death. Nevada residents and families that have been affected by these types of accidents may be able to pursue legal action. A successfully litigated lawsuit could provide financial relief to victims and families.

Source:, “Driver seriously injured when 2 tractor-trailers collide on I-15“, Cody Blowers, Nov. 3, 2017