Safety codes and regulations have been established in the state of Nevada to protect those that are lawfully visiting local and state-owned property. Just like businesses and other public places, property owned by local governments must be properly maintained and adhere to safety regulations. Unfortunately, negligent maintenance or mistakes made during construction of establishments may present hazards that can cause injuries to visitors. When hazards or negligence cause injuries to those legally on the property, a premises liability claim may be pursued.

A man was allegedly injured while visiting a property owned by a city in another state, and he has filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that the man was walking down a set of concrete steps when he tripped and fell. Allegedly, while falling, the man reached for the handrail only to have the handrail break free.

The man claims that the fall caused him severe physical and mental injuries, as well as loss of wages due to time away from work. The lawsuit seeks to hold the city responsible and alleges that the steps and handrails failed to adhere to safety regulations and building codes. The plaintiff seeks all damages and other relief, as well as attorney fees and court costs.

Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured each year in Nevada and across the country due to hazards on public properties. Those that are injured by hazardous conditions while legally visiting a public establishment can take action by consulting an attorney and filing a premises liability lawsuit. A successful lawsuit could result in just compensation to help victims that have lost wages and benefits as a result of injuries. When a government entity is the party believed responsible for an accident, it is important to act quickly as the time period for filing a claim may be significantly shortened.

Source:, “Man seeks damages from the city of Grafton after fall on steps“, Lhalie Castillo, Nov. 1, 2017