In today’s world, there are many uncertainties. One certainty in today’s world is that accidents are going to happen. Although some accidents are unavoidable, many are preventable. In the state of Nevada, property owners have a legal obligation to keep their properties free of hazards and safe for all those who lawfully visit. Hazards or foreign objects left on the floor can cause visitors to slip and fall, and possibly suffer injury.

Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit against the owners of a store after she allegedly suffered injuries from tripping over a hazard at the entrance of their store. As she was visiting the store, the woman claims she tripped and fell over an improperly-placed mat. According to the lawsuit, the woman suffered injuries due to the fall.

The woman says her injuries included bruising, lacerations, contusions as well as severe neck injuries. The plaintiff claims the defendants created dangerous conditions and failed to warn customers of them. The plaintiff seeks damages in excess of $35,000 as well as court costs and other fees.

The vast majority of shops and businesses in Nevada are properly maintained and safe for all who visit. Many routine things like daily maintenance or removing potential hazards that were left on the floor can go a long way in preventing slip and fall accidents and injuries to customers. However, when dangerous conditions on a property cause injuries, the property owner(s) can be held legally responsible. A successful claim could result in financial relief as well as a sense of justice.

Source:, “Severe neck injuries led to surgery for plaintiff injured in grocery entranceway, according to lawsuit“, Nicholas Malfitano, Dec. 14, 2017