With the holiday shopping season in full swing, more and more people will be present along Nevada city streets as they visit stores and shops in search of gifts for family and friends. This increase in foot traffic can mean an increased risk for pedestrian accidents. Low light conditions typical of this time of year can also contribute to accidents since pedestrians may be harder for motorists to see. Tragically, accidents involving pedestrians can quickly turn fatal since pedestrians are totally exposed and unprotected.

Recently, a pedestrian was killed in an accident in Sparks. Reports indicate that the pedestrian was attempting to cross a street with a shopping cart. Police say the 58-year-old man was struck by a Ford Focus that was traveling south in the right lane of the roadway.

According to reports, the accident victim was struck by a second vehicle after initially being struck by the Ford Focus. Tragically, the pedestrian died as a result of injuries suffered in the collision. Authorities are still seeking information about the accident.

Increased foot traffic typical of city streets during the holiday season can create an environment conducive to accidents involving pedestrians. Many visitors and residents in Nevada cities choose to walk instead of drive to avoid congested city streets. Other factors that may contribute to pedestrian accidents these days are the abundance of distractions that drivers face that can take focus off of the road. Those that have lost a loved one due to a pedestrian accident may pursue legal action by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A successful lawsuit could result in much-needed compensation to help families through this difficult time.

Source: mynews4.com, “NHP identifies pedestrian killed in crash on McCarran in Sparks“, Dec. 5, 2017