More and more people are flocking to the great state of Nevada to take advantage of the many wonderful things that the state has to offer. A booming economy, great night life and an abundance of outdoor activities are just a few of the opportunities that await those that decide to take up residence here. Cities in Nevada are becoming increasingly crowded with foot traffic, as walking is a healthy source of transportation and recreation. Parking lots are not often thought of as dangerous locations when one thinks of auto-pedestrian accidents. However, more pedestrians are injured in parking lots than most people realize.

A recent accident in a Henderson parking lot claimed the life of a woman. Reports say that the woman was struck by a U-Haul truck as she was walking through a Walmart parking lot. Witnesses say that, despite attempts to gain the driver’s attention, the driver of the U-haul truck fled the scene.

Police later located and arrested the driver. The victim, a 79-year-old former Montauk, New York resident, tragically passed away as a result of her injuries. Police say the driver was charged with driving with a suspended license, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, failing to stop at the scene of a crash as well as several other charges.

It is important for anyone in Nevada to remain alert and attentive at all times when walking along crowded city streets and parking lots. Families that have been affected by fatal auto-pedestrian accidents may be able to pursue claims for monetary damages. A successful lawsuit could possibly provide financial relief to help families move forward from these types of accidents.

Source:, “Former Montauk Resident Gerri Tomitz Dies After Hit-And-Run In Nevada“, Jon Winkler, Jan. 3, 2018