Stores and shops in Nevada should always welcome visitors with a pleasant and, most importantly, safe environment. Visitors and patrons should be able to freely shop and purchase the items they need without fear of injury. However, far too often around the country shoppers are injured by hazards and hazardous conditions in stores. Even small and unnoticeable things like rugs have the potential to turn into slip and fall hazards.

A shopper in another state allegedly sustained injuries after falling over a rug and she has filed a lawsuit. The woman claims she tripped over a rug that was rolled up and partially hidden under a display. The lawsuit says as the woman fell she hit her head on a display and also hit her head on the concrete floor, causing serious injuries.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was knocked unconscious. The lawsuit alleges that the woman also sustained injuries to her knee, ankle and face and had to be transported via ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. The plaintiff also claims to have suffered memory loss and headaches due to the fall and seeks damages for her alleged pain and suffering.

Property and store owners in Nevada can help prevent accidents and injuries to visitors by taking basic precautions, such as removing potential hazards. When shoppers are injured due to hazards or dangerous conditions in stores, legal action can be taken. A successful slip and fall lawsuit can give victims a sense of justice as well as compensation to help with mounting medical expenses.

Source:, “Shopper brings slip and fall case against Albertsons, Aramark“, John Suayan, Jan. 19, 2018