Travelers and commuters making their way across the state of Nevada often utilize interstate highways, which offer the convenience of faster travel with less stop-and-go traffic. However, travelers share these popular roadways with an increasing number of semitrailers that are making their way across the country. As the economy grows, so does the need to transport goods and merchandise. This equates to more and more big rigs criss-crossing the country, which can lead to trucking accidents.

A recent accident involving several vehicles and two semitrailers on Interstate 80 in the Carlin Tunnel resulted in multiple injuries. According to authorities, water had frozen on the road inside the tunnel, which caused two SUVs to lose traction and collide. Reports say a semitrailer was following the SUVs and slowed down, causing a second semi to swerve in an attempt to avoid a collision. In a chain reaction type crash, the second semi hit the first truck, which caused the truck to hit one of the SUVs, reports say.

Another vehicle then plowed into the rear of one of the trucks. Authorities say multiple people suffered injuries in the crash, with one person requiring transport by helicopter to a local hospital. Nevada Highway Patrol officers say the accident caused the closure of the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 for more than three hours.

Due to the sheer size of semitrailers, any accident involving these big rigs is more likely to result in injury. Trucking accidents continue to rise across the state of Nevada. Families of those injured or killed in these kind of accidents could benefit from discussions with a knowledgeable attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit may result in much-needed financial relief to help families during this difficult time.

Source:, “UPDATE: Carlin tunnel crash involved six vehicles“, Feb. 22, 2018