A reason why Nevada cities are in the midst of a population boom is the warm, comfortable climate. Even during the colder months, the warm climate in Nevada enables residents to enjoy a host of outdoor activities such as walking, running or biking. Those that live in and around cities often choose walking as a primary source of transportation. Walking is not only economical, but has many health benefits. Unfortunately, walking along congested city streets can also be very dangerous as pedestrian accidents are rising across the state.

A recent accident in Las Vegas resulted in the death of a pedestrian. The accident occurred during the morning hours along a well-traveled roadway. Reports say a van was traveling north when it unexpectedly left the roadway and went onto the sidewalk.

According to reports, the van stuck a pedestrian that was pushing a shopping cart on the sidewalk. Tragically, police say the 56-year-old pedestrian died at the scene. The driver of the van suffered injuries not considered life-threatening and was treated at a local hospital, reports say. Authorities are still investigating the accident.

Although the wonderful climate in Nevada enables residents to enjoy outdoor activities year-round, taking a stroll along busy roadways can be very risky. Runners, walkers and bikers must always be aware of their surroundings. Since those traveling on foot are fully exposed, pedestrian accidents often prove to be fatal. Those that have lost a loved one in this type of accident may have grounds to take legal action. A successful claim could result in a substantial financial award that could greatly help struggling families.

Source: fox5vegas.com, “Pedestrian killed in crash near Decatur and Tropicana“, Brenda Yahm, Feb. 20, 2018