Insurance companies play a starring role in the aftermath of most car accidents, but they are not always as helpful as you may expect or hope. There are different types of insurance concerns that can surface following a car, truck or motorcycle crash.

Here are three common concerns that you may face following an accident, and tips and information on how to proceed.

1. Vehicle damage

If your car has suffered extensive damage, you may not have a reliable mode of transportation any longer. If your car is no longer operable, you will need to have it towed to a body shop. Your insurer may have a working relationship with a specific shop or shops in your area. You do not have to use that service; any shop you choose should be able to negotiate with your insurance company to get the costs of the repairs covered.

Less serious damage may not require a tow truck, but the insurance company will come into play all the same. 

2. Settling your claim

Your insurer will likely encourage you to immediately settle your claim. One issue with accepting an insurance settlement offer right away is that you probably do not know yet whether the amount is enough to cover all your damages. In addition, there are many factors involved in evaluating the appropriate amount of compensation, especially if you suffered an injury in the accident. You may want to wait and have your attorney conduct negotiations on your behalf.

3. Paying for medical bills

Medical bills and other financial losses such as lost wages due to missed days at work can put a serious dent in your economic security. It is essential that you receive an amount of compensation that is sufficient to cover your expenses. The insurance company is more likely to have its own bottom line as a priority rather than your best interests, so do not hesitate to enter into negotiations rather than accepting a low-ball offer.