Its no secret that Nevada roadways are becoming more and more crowded, especially in cities like Las Vegas and Reno. People are flocking to Nevada cities to take advantage of the abundance of unique opportunities that abound here. A sudden influx of traffic can be the fuel to spark a seemingly unending cycle of car wrecks in any city. In Reno, a recent crash resulted in several injuries and a woman facing charges.

The accident involved three vehicles and occurred at night near a popular Reno intersection. According to reports, a Jeep Cherokee had broken down and was pulled to the side of the road just past the intersection. Reports say a second vehicle had arrived on the scene to provide assistance regarding the disabled Jeep.

Reportedly, all three occupants were outside their vehicles working on the Jeep when another vehicle ran off the road and hit all three people and both vehicles. Authorities say all accident victims were transported to a local hospital with serious injuries, one of which was a juvenile that suffered life-threatening injuries. According to police, the driver of the third vehicle tried to flee the scene and got physical with officers. Police say the driver was arrested and is now facing charges of obstructing and resisting a police officer as well as battery on a police officer.

Nevada is one of the most beautiful and prosperous states in the country, but roadways across the state are increasingly becoming more dangerous. Those who suffer injuries in a car wrecks such as this may have grounds to file a lawsuit. A successful suit could result in compensation that can be used to cover medical expenses and other financial damages accrued due to injuries.

Source:, “Injury crash at Mira Loma & McCarran in Reno sends several to the hospital“, Kenzie Bales, April 5, 2018