These days, it is becoming more and more dangerous to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in the state of Nevada. Just going for a short drive can result in an accident that could have far-reaching impacts. Due to the increasing numbers of vehicles sharing roadways across the state, car accidents are on the rise. Most accidents prove to be nothing more than minor inconveniences. However, some accidents can be deadly.

A recent accident in Las Vegas claimed the life of one driver and injured another. The accident occurred during the overnight hours at a heavily-used intersection. Reports say a Nissan Altima was stopped at the intersection at a red light when an SUV tried to pass the Altima in the right turn lane. Las Vegas police say the SUV was speeding while attempting to pass the Altima and crashed into the rear passenger side of the car.

According to police reports, the SUV continued along the road and collided with a concrete wall in front of a convenience store. The driver of the SUV was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle, suffering serious injuries, accident reports say. The driver of the Altima was also injured in the crash and both drivers were transported to a local hospital. Authorities say the driver of the Altima was treated and released, while the driver of the SUV tragically died as a result of her injuries.

Any accident can be a stressful experience. However, when an accident results death or injury, the experience can be traumatic and absolutely devastating. As car accidents increase across Nevada, those that suffer injuries due to the negligence of another party should know that they have options available. A knowledgeable attorney could answer any questions and help affected families obtain rightful compensation for their pain and suffering.

Source:, “One person killed in fatal crash on Boulder Highway and Lamb Boulevard“, Gabriella Benavidez, May 12, 2018