Roads across Nevada are more dangerous than ever before. These days, motorists are forced to navigate and share roadways with increasing numbers of impaired or distracted drivers. This is a recipe for car accidents. A recent crash in Las Vegas involving four vehicles left one person in critical condition.

Police say the accident happened during the overnight hours at a well-known intersection. Reports indicate that a silver car ran a red light at the intersection and slammed into two other cars. According to authorities, the impact caused both cars to rotate, and one of the two cars crashed into another vehicle that was stopped while waiting to make a left turn.

Of the eight total people affected by the crash, seven were taken to a hospital, according to Las Vegas Metro police. A rear passenger in the silver car suffered life-threatening injuries. Police said the driver of the silver car was suspected of driving while impaired.

As roads across the state of Nevada become more crowded and congested, getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle can become downright dangerous. Drivers these days must always remain alert and focused at all times when behind the wheel. Unfortunately, some may take the act of driving for granted and let distractions such as phones, GPS devices and digital audio devices take focus off of the road. Nevada families who have been injured or lost loved ones due to negligence in car accidents could greatly benefit by consulting a knowledgeable attorney. A successful claim could provide much-needed financial relief to help families cope with such a traumatic experience.

Source:, “Crash in central Las Vegas leaves one person in critical condition“, Gabriella Benavidez, May 27, 2018