As traffic increases, reckless driving and road rage are becoming very real and present dangers on roadways across Nevada. Driving can certainly be a difficult task on today’s congested roads and often brings about stress and anxiety. It is not uncommon for drivers to make mistakes, as some drivers may not be as experienced as others. Reckless drivers are also becoming more and more of an issue, often contributing to car accidents. How a person reacts behind the wheel to inexperienced or reckless drivers can be the difference in arriving safely to a destination or becoming the next headline.

A man in Reno was recently arrested after a bout of road rage ended in a crash. Reports say the incident began on Interstate 580. According to police, an SUV was pursuing another vehicle when it ran a red light and collided with a car. The impact caused the car to roll onto its side.

The driver of the car had to be extracted and was flown to a local hospital with serious injuries. A pregnant female who was a passenger in the car was also taken to a hospital for treatment, reports say. Three children were passengers in the SUV and were uninjured in the incident. Police arrested the driver of the SUV and charged him with reckless driving, failing to obey a traffic light and child endangerment.

Unfortunately, most drivers in Nevada have encountered road rage at some point in their driving careers. Data from the National Highway Traffic Administration says that almost 35% of all traffic accidents can be linked to road rage behaviors. Those that have been injured in car accidents caused by road rage or reckless drivers can take legal action. A successful claim could provide financial relief to help with medical expenses and lost wages.

Source:, “Man arrested after road rage incident leads to crash on Vassar and Terminal in Reno“, Kenzie Bales, May 20, 2018