It is required that all shops and businesses across the state of Nevada comply with strict safety codes and regulations to ensure that citizens and visitors are safe when visiting these establishments. As summer arrives, people across the country will be visiting Nevada cities like Las Vegas to take advantage of the first-class restaurants and wonderful entertainment abundantly available here. Stores, restaurants and business will be booming with tourists. Premises liability laws say that business and property owners have an obligation to provide a safe, hazard-free environment for all legal visitors. However, maintenance can be neglected or hazards can be left on floors, and this can lead to accidents and injuries.

In another state, a woman allegedly fell due to a wet floor and she has filed a lawsuit. The woman claims she was visiting a restaurant and encountered a wet substance on the floor. According to the complaint, the alleged hazardous condition caused the woman to slip and fall.

The lawsuit says the woman suffered injuries as a result of the fall. She claims the injuries caused her disfigurement, pain and loss of hearing. She also alleges that she incurred medical expenses. The plaintiff accuses the defendant of negligence and claims the defendant failed to eliminate the hazard or warn guests of the dangerous conditions.

Unfortunately, thousands of injuries occur every year due to hazardous conditions in restaurants and shops. Those in Nevada that have been injured due to negligence while lawfully visiting a business can file a claim in civil court. A successful premises liability suit can provide victims and families with financial relief to help with medical expenses and other financial losses.