Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and also one of the most famous cities in the world. The most iconic and well-recognized features of this beautiful city are the bright lights of the Strip, which offer picturesque views especially at night. Visitors from all over the world come to the city for the experience of walking down the strip while sampling the first-class entertainment that is so abundant here. However, with the increased foot traffic also comes the increased risk for auto-pedestrian accidents. Accidents involving pedestrians have been steadily increasing every year in Las Vegas.

One man recently lost his life while attempting to cross a city street. The accident happened on Eastern Avenue near an intersection. Report said the pedestrian was struck by a car in the middle lane just as the man was attempting to cross the street.

According to police, the collision knocked the man into the roadway where he was struck a second time by another vehicle. Tragically, the pedestrian died from multiple injuries suffered in the crash, authorities said. Las Vegas Police said that this was the 71st traffic-related death so far this year in the city.

More and more people are choosing to experience Las Vegas on foot since roadways across the city are often congested. This may be a reason for the rise in auto-pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, any accident involving a pedestrian is more likely to be fatal. Those in Nevada who have suffered the loss of a loved one in this type of accident could benefit from discussions with a legal representative. If negligence is proved, a lawsuit could provide financial relief for families during this vulnerable time.