Motorcycles have a reputation of being one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Nevada boasts a wonderful climate and has no shortage of scenic roadways, making this a great state for bikers. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have been increasing across the state in recent years. Accidents involving motorcycles have a higher fatality rate, since those who travel by motorcycle are minimally protected.

A recent accident in Las Vegas left a motorcyclist fighting for his life. Reportedly, the man hopped on his motorcycle to make a quick trip to the store. Reports say he was struck by a car at a nearby intersection. According to police, the car that struck the biker ran a stoplight.

The motorcyclist barely survived the crash and authorities rushed the man to a local hospital in critical condition. Family members say the man remains on a ventilator and has numerous broken bones as well as internal injuries. According to the family, the man was the sole provider for his household so they are now faced with financial difficulties as well. The family urges motorists to use caution while driving.

Las Vegas is home to a riding academy that trains motorcyclists to safe stay on roadways. According to the manager of the academy, Nevada motorcyclists should always pay attention to surroundings and stay focused. He also says that other drivers should also pay attention when behind the wheel and always maintain a safe following distance. When loved ones are lost due to negligence in motorcycle accidents, the surviving members can take legal action. A successful lawsuit could provide compensation to help with medical expenses and other monetary losses.