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When Winning Is Your Only Option
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Common vacation accidents in Las Vegas

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Firm News | 0 comments

When you are on vacation in Las Vegas, you expect to have the time of your life. You may want to have some fun at parties with friends, enjoy a convention or win some money at the casino. The last thing you expect to happen is getting an injury on your trip

Despite the fact that you want to be stress-free while you travel, accidents can occur. Here are some ways you can sustain injuries during your Las Vegas vacation. 

Casino accidents

A casino should be a safe environment. When you visit a casino, you want to enjoy yourself and have a good time. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that a fall could occur in a casino. For example, you may trip over loose carpet on an unsafe step, or a broken chair may drop you to the floor. Slick, freshly mopped surfaces or puddles from rain or spills can also create hazards.

There are many other dangerous conditions that may result in a casino injury. If this happens to you, make sure you look into filing a premises liability lawsuit.

Hotel accidents

You probably assume the hotel you are staying in is safe. It is something all of us take for granted during our travels. Some common causes of hotel injuries include the following:

  • Wet bathroom floors
  • Poorly lit hallways
  • Inadequately maintained stairways
  • Elevator malfunctions
  • Slippery surfaces near outdoor pools
  • Defective furniture
  • Bedbugs

If an accident in a hotel ruins your vacation, you may be able to pursue legal compensation from the owner.

Motor vehicle accidents

Vehicles are everywhere along the strip. Here are some ways cars, trucks or buses may injure you:

  • A driver hits you while you are walking on a sidewalk or in the crosswalk
  • A driver of a taxi, Uber or Lyft gets into an accident while you are a passenger
  • A driver crashes into you while you are driving a rental car

There are many threats to your health and safety during your vacation. Thankfully, taking legal action may cover your unexpected expenses.