As the old saying goes, getting there is half the fun. With an abundance of scenic roadways, this is especially true in the state of Nevada. Taking a drive through Nevada’s vast, expansive landscapes is an activity enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike. However, recent population growth has caused roadways to become crowded and dangerous. On Interstate 80, which stretches 410 miles across the northern part of the state, the Nevada Highway Patrol recently launched a safety campaign called the “I-80 Initiative,” which they hope will reduce car accidents along this popular roadway.

During a recent weekend, a motorist was killed in a wrong-way accident on Interstate 80. According to accident reports, a driver was traveling westbound in the eastbound lane and caused a violent collision. The crash claimed the life of one person and shut down the eastbound lanes of the roadway for almost five hours.

In the coming weeks, the Nevada Highway Patrol will be increasing safety operations along Interstate 80. The “I-80 Initiative” will aim to keep motorists safe through education by bringing awareness to safe driving habits. The NHP says they will ramp up patrols and issue citations to drivers who break traffic laws. Drivers across the state are urged to practice safe driving habits such as wearing seat belts and eliminating distractions.

Despite stringent traffic laws and increased safety measures, roads across the state of Nevada are becoming increasingly dangerous. Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. When a person suffers injuries as a result of negligence in an auto accident, he or she may pursue damages by filing a claim. Surviving family members can pursue claims on behalf of deceased victims. Damages from a successful claim could help victims and families recover from any financial hardships that occurred as a result of an accident.