People often come to the state of Nevada to take advantage of the unique shopping opportunities available here. Las Vegas, in particular, is home to a variety of first-class stores, many of which are not found in other parts of the country. Owners and operators of these businesses often go to great lengths to provide customers with inviting and welcoming atmospheres. Customer safety is a main focus, but sometimes, owners or employees can fail to eliminate potential hazards. Premises liability laws say that owners and operators of stores and other public establishments must provide a safe environment for all those who legally visit. 

A woman in another state claims that a substance on the floor of a store restroom caused her to fall, and she has filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the woman was shopping in the store and visited the restroom. In the restroom, the woman encountered a liquid substance on the floor that smelled like bleach, the lawsuit said. Allegedly, the wet floor caused the woman to slip and fall.

The woman claims that, due to the alleged fall, she suffered disability, physical pain and mental anguish, as well as loss of wages. The lawsuit holds the store owners responsible over claims that no warning of the hazard was provided. The plaintiff seeks damages in excess of $200,000.

While customers in Nevada shop and peruse stores, the last thing they expect to experience is physical harm. Those who have been injured by dangerous conditions in stores and restaurants may be able to file a premises liability claim. If negligence is proved, a successful claim could result in compensation to replace lost wages and help victims with any monetary losses.