Every person is a pedestrian at some point. Walking is a primary form of transportation in Nevada cities like Las Vegas and pedestrians are literally everywhere 24 hours a day. This is one of many reasons why pedestrian safety is such a big concern these days. Despite significant progress in pedestrian safety measures, pedestrian accidents are increasing every year. A recent accident in Las Vegas affected a pedestrian and his dog.

Las Vegas Police say a two-car crash left the pedestrian in critical condition and claimed the life of his dog. The incident happened during the afternoon hours near Charleston Boulevard and Bruce Street. According to reports, a Honda sedan was traveling west on Charleston Boulevard when a Hyundai heading the opposite direction attempted to turn and pulled into the path of the Honda, causing a collision.

The collision caused the Honda to slide onto the sidewalk, crashing into the pedestrian and his dog who were standing on the sidewalk. Authorities said the pedestrian was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition. Reportedly, the dog was killed in the crash. Those who live close to the area say the area is dangerous for pedestrians, as they claim to frequently see drivers not paying attention.

Pedestrian safety has become a primary focus in Las Vegas in recent years, as city streets are constantly bustling with foot traffic. Any time vehicles and pedestrians are the same vicinity, pedestrian accidents may eventually happen. Nevada families who have suffered loss or injury in a pedestrian accident may be entitled to damages. Compensation from a successful lawsuit could very helpful for families who have suffered substantial monetary losses.