Navigating crowded roads in Nevada cities such as Las Vegas can be very dangerous. No person wants to be involved in an accident but, statistically, the vast majority of drivers will be involved in an accident at some point in their driving career. Undoubtedly, car accidents can be extremely stressful, but any time injuries occur the experience can be traumatic for all who are involved.

Several people were injured in a recent crash that occurred at a popular Las Vegas intersection. The accident happened during the overnight hours at the intersection of East Bonanza Road and North Main Street. According to reports, the driver of an SUV was traveling west on East Bonanza and approaching the intersection.

Simultaneously, a sedan with five total occupants entered the intersection heading south on North Main Street. Reports say one of the vehicles ran the traffic light and a collision happened at the intersection. All occupants of the sedan were injured, with the driver suffering serious injuries, authorities said. Police believe the driver of the SUV may have suffered a medical episode and was transported to a hospital in extremely critical condition.

There are accidents in and around Las Vegas nearly every single day. Luckily, the majority of these accidents are minor fender benders. However, some car accidents are serious and even fatal. Those in Nevada who have suffered injury or loss as a result of negligence in an accident could benefit by seeking the services of a legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney could help victims file a claim and obtain rightful compensation to help with any monetary losses.