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January 2019 Archives

Bicycle accidents: Driver flees scene after striking bicyclist

The weather is great year-round in the state of Nevada. Because of the wonderful climate, outdoor activities such as jogging and biking are very popular forms of recreation. Take a drive through any Nevada city or suburb anytime during the day and it's evident that cycling and running are favorite activities among residents here. Unfortunately, cycling or running alongside crowded roadways can also be dangerous. Due to the growing popularity of cycling, bicycle accidents have increased in recent years.

Car accidents: Las Vegas roads are more dangerous than ever

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. People from all over the world are moving here to take advantage of the great economic opportunities and world-class entertainment that the city is so famous for. However, the sudden influx of traffic has made Nevada roadways a nightmare. So far this year, the Las Vegas Valley is on pace for the most deadly year ever. Car accidents can happen anytime in a blink of an eye.

Alleged fall in Walmart results in premises liability claim

Nevada is home to a multitude of stores and shops that provide residents and visitors with a variety of choices when it comes to shopping. Due to premises liability laws, property and business owners are obligated to provide a safe, hazard-free environment for customers. These laws state that all potential hazards must be removed or repaired. Examples of potential hazards are liquids on floors, foreign objects on floors or areas that have fallen under disrepair. Unfortunately, thousands of people across the country are injured in stores due to hazardous conditions.

DUI Strike Force implemented to reduce drunk driver accidents

Drunk driving is a big problem across Nevada, especially in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, drunk driver accidents are happening more and more, so police forces are taking measures to combat this problem. A DUI Strike Force was recently implemented by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department in an effort to keep roadways as safe as possible.

Pedestrian accidents: Seperate crashes kill 2 on the same day

In Nevada cities such as Las Vegas, many people choose walking as their main form of transportation. Crossing roadways and walking along crowded city streets can be extremely dangerous. In recent years, pedestrian accidents have risen dramatically across the state of Nevada. Recently, two pedestrians were killed on the same day in different crashes.

The link between road construction and car crashes

While road construction is easy to find across many areas of the country, you may find it especially commonplace as a resident of Nevada. As new roads and residential communities continue to pop up across the state, so, too, do construction teams working on new roadways and repairing existing thoroughfares. While road construction is necessary for the state to continue to accommodate its influx of residents and visitors, these construction zones are becoming increasingly hazardous for motorists, with numerous car crashes taking place in them every day.

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