Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. People from all over the world are moving here to take advantage of the great economic opportunities and world-class entertainment that the city is so famous for. However, the sudden influx of traffic has made Nevada roadways a nightmare. So far this year, the Las Vegas Valley is on pace for the most deadly year ever. Car accidents can happen anytime in a blink of an eye.

So far in 2019, two drivers, a motorcyclist, two bicyclists and four pedestrians have all been killed on roadways around the city. During a recent weekend, a woman was struck and killed while on a bike. According to reports, the driver who struck the woman stayed on scene but was traumatized by the accident.

One driver who has been driving in Las Vegas for two years says he has seen far too many mistakes and compares driving in the city to the Wild West. Officials hope to increase safety campaigns and are sharing safety tips for drivers. These tips include: always buckle up, refrain from using cell phones, be aware of surroundings, anticipate other drivers and do not speed or tailgate.

Traffic in Las Vegas will continue to increase as more and more people visit and take up residence here. Those in Nevada who have suffered injury or loss due to negligence in car accidents can confer with an experienced attorney. If negligence is properly documented, victims and families could receive a substantial monetary award to help recover financial losses.