Distracted driving is a big problem across the United States. For drivers these days, there are more distractions than ever before. In Nevada, it is against the law for drivers to have a cell phone in their hands while driving. It’s no secret that texting and driving is a common cause of car accidents today. A new bill recently introduced in Nevada would allow law enforcement officers to check the cell phones of drivers who were involved in a crash.

According to the new legislation, trained police officers would be allowed to plug into the cell phones of drivers after a crash to determine if the phone was being used at the time of the accident. Officers would use a special device that searches for certain data and would display whether the phone was in use. Those who oppose the bill say this is an invasion of privacy even though personal data on cell phones would still be inaccessible during these searches.

Essentially, this would be similar to a Breathalyzer for a driver suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. Supporters of the bill say that, since texting and driving is hazardous and illegal, this gives officers an enforcement tool and would make drivers be more responsible behind the wheel. Reportedly, the law would allow officers to confiscate and suspended the licenses of those who fail to comply.

The newly proposed bill has been generating a lot of debate. However, what is not up for debate is the fact that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous and causes thousands of car accidents every year. Those in Nevada who have suffered injury or loss in a crash due to the negligence of another party may be able to take legal action. If successful, a claim could result in substantial compensation.