Streets in and around Las Vegas, Nevada have become incredibly dangerous. Pedestrians face unique dangers that may not be present to those in vehicles. To prevent pedestrian accidents, both drivers and pedestrians should obey all traffic laws, remain focused and aware of surroundings at all times. Unfortunately, a recent tragic accident in North Las Vegas claimed the life of a pedestrian.

The accident happened during the early evening hours on Civic Center Drive at North Las Vegas Boulevard. According to reports, a pedestrian in a motorized wheelchair was attempting to cross Civic Center Drive when she was struck by a city bus that was heading north on Las Vegas Boulevard. Authorities said they arrived on the scene to find the pedestrian pinned under the bus.

Tragically, the pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, reports said. Reportedly, the pedestrian was inside a marked crosswalk when she was struck. North Las Vegas police said they are still investigating the accident.

Las Vegas and other cities across the state of Nevada have made significant improvements for the safety of pedestrians, such as updated infrastructure and crosswalks that are more visible to motorists. However, accidents are bound to happen when there are pedestrians in close proximity to vehicles. Those in Nevada who have suffered injuries or loss in pedestrian accidents may want to consider discussions with a legal representative. A successful claim could result in substantial compensation to help victims and families recover any financial losses that may have occurred as the result of such a tragic experience.