Few things in life are more frustrating than experiencing an automobile accident. However, when an act of negligence causes a serious or fatal accident, the experience can be absolutely devastating and have far-reaching impacts on families. In Nevada, fatal car accidents seem to be happening more frequently these days.

A recent fatal crash in Boulder City left one driver facing serious charges. The crash happened during the morning hours on Veterans Memorial Parkway. According to reports, a pickup truck was attempting to cross the parkway in order to get to the center turn lane to make a left turn onto U.S. 93. Reportedly, the pickup truck was struck on the left front side by a sedan that was traveling at high speeds.

The violent collision fatally injured the driver of the pickup truck and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, authorities said. According to several eye witness reports, the driver of the sedan was traveling at high speeds, making frequent lane changes and driving recklessly. Police said they arrested the driver of the sedan and charged him with one count of reckless driving resulting in death.

Statistically, it is an almost certainty that most drivers will be involved in an accident at some point during their lives. Fortunately, there is help available for victims and families in Nevada. When a person loses his or her life due to negligence in car accidents, the surviving family members can pursue legal action. A successful lawsuit could result rightful compensation to help families with end-of-life expenses and recovery of any monetary losses.