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Motorcycle accidents: Tragic crash kills high school student

Motorcycles can definitely be a fun and enjoyable way to travel. The relatively dry weather in Nevada makes this a great state for motorcyclists. However, motorcycles can also be incredibly dangerous, especially on crowded city streets. Due to their smaller profile, motorcycles can sometimes be difficult for other motorists to see, which is a cause of many motorcycle accidents.

Drunk driver accidents: Another life lost in a senseless crash

Driving under the influence of alcohol is reckless, incredibly irresponsible and completely unacceptable. Those who get behind the wheel while intoxicated not only endanger themselves, they endanger the lives of all those around them. It's common knowledge that drinking and driving do not mix, yet so many people in Nevada continue to drive while impaired. Every year in the United States, drunk driver accidents kill and injure thousands of people.

NHP enforces Click It or Ticket to combat deadly car accidents

It's no secret that motor vehicle crashes are on the rise across the country. In an effort to reduce death and serious injuries in car accidents, seat belt laws have been established not only in Nevada, but in every state. To enforce seat belt usage, law enforcement agencies across the country participate in an awareness campaign known as Click It or Ticket. This year, the Nevada Highway Patrol will be participating in a Border to Border seat belt awareness event organized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Despite safety improvements, pedestrian accidents still happen

Las Vegas is one of the top tourists destinations in the United States. Every year, thousands of people visit this city known as the Entertainment Capital of the World. There will inevitably be even more pedestrians present on and around city streets as tourist season approaches. Unfortunately, cities in Nevada have seen an increase in pedestrian accidents in recent years. Any accident of this type is traumatic, but when the at-fault driver flees the scene the experience can be devastating for victims and families.

Who pays for injuries from rideshare crashes in Las Vegas?

If you were to sustain injuries in a taxi accident in Las Vegas, the taxi business would probably have some sort of insurance that would cover the driver's — or the company's own — liability. For a rideshare service, even though some may consider it a taxi of operation, the company may not have to offer the same protections.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to be fatal

Nevada is a great state for motorcyclists. The climate here makes traveling by motorcycle very enjoyable almost year-round. Of course, motorcyclists face different kinds of dangers than those who travel in passenger vehicles. It's not the motorcycles themselves that are so dangerous, but the other vehicles on the road. Tragically, motorcycle accidents typically result in very serious injuries or death.

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