Nevada is a great state for motorcyclists. The climate here makes traveling by motorcycle very enjoyable almost year-round. Of course, motorcyclists face different kinds of dangers than those who travel in passenger vehicles. It’s not the motorcycles themselves that are so dangerous, but the other vehicles on the road. Tragically, motorcycle accidents typically result in very serious injuries or death.

A recent crash in Las Vegas claimed the life of a motorcyclist. The accident occurred during the evening hours on West Lake Mead Boulevard at Lirio Way near Jones Boulevard. According to reports, a car was attempting to make a left turn on Lirio Way and pulled into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist.

Reports said the motorcyclist collided with the passenger side of the car and was thrown from his motorcycle over a wall and into a nearby apartment complex. The motorcyclist was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, authorities said. The driver of the car suffered only minor injuries. According to Las Vegas police, this was the seventh fatal crash in the city involving a motorcycle so far this year.

Without a doubt, motorcycles are a fun and economical way to get around. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are more likely to be fatal since motorcyclists are completely exposed to the elements. Families in Nevada who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to negligence in a motorcycle accident may want to consider discussions with a legal representative. Damages from a successfully litigated claim could provide families with much-needed financial relief.