It’s no secret that motor vehicle crashes are on the rise across the country. In an effort to reduce death and serious injuries in car accidents, seat belt laws have been established not only in Nevada, but in every state. To enforce seat belt usage, law enforcement agencies across the country participate in an awareness campaign known as Click It or Ticket. This year, the Nevada Highway Patrol will be participating in a Border to Border seat belt awareness event organized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHP says it takes seat belts seriously and will be taking a no excuses approach, writing tickets day and night during the Click It or Ticket campaign. In 2017, over 10,000 unbuckled motorists were killed in crashes in the United States, according to the NHTSA. Through seat-belt education and enforcement, the NHP is focused on trying to prevent serious injuries and fatalities in motor vehicle crashes.

Every year, the NHP investigates numerous crashes that turn fatal as the result of motorists not wearing or improperly wearing seat belts. A lieutenant with the NHP says the mission will only be a success if the enforcement crackdown wakes motorists up to the dangers of driving without a seat belt. Seat belts save lives, and he urges people to help spread the message before it’s too late.

Roadways across Nevada are growing more dangerous every year. Car accidents often happen when least expected. Nevada residents who have suffered injury or loss in a crash due to another party’s negligence could benefit by discussing the matter with a legal representative. If negligence is proved, victims and families could receive much-needed compensation to help recover any monetary losses.