When Winning Is Your Only Option

When Winning Is Your Only Option
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What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Firm News | 0 comments

Hitting the road for a weekend in Vegas can be the best impromptu vacation. Nothing makes the journey more frustrating, however, than a long stretch of semitrucks along the interstate. An accident can completely derail your trip altogether.

If you sustain injuries or vehicle damage, you may be able to hold the other driver or the trucking company responsible for the repairs. The state of Nevada observes tort procedures in car accidents. In other words, the person liable for damages is the person whose actions caused the collision. These three circumstances often lift the blame from your shoulders if you were driving the smaller car.

1. Lack of regular maintenance

Because trucks log a lot of miles, it becomes necessary to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance. Sometimes this responsibility falls on the driver if he or she owns and operates the truck. Those who work for a larger company expect some assistance from their employer when it comes to repairs and inspections.

When an internal problem is not addressed, it can cause vehicle failure on the road. This puts other drivers, such as yourself, at great risk.

2. Unfocused driver

Truck drivers sit behind the wheel for several hours at a stretch, and this can lead to some dangerous behavior if the person is not careful. Operating a vehicle while drowsy, distracted or unfocused may result in accidents.

3. Nonsecure loading techniques

Each truck may have different loading procedures, depending on the type of cargo it is hauling. If the driver fails to secure this properly, something may unlatch at the worst possible moment. Even if cargo does not directly strike a vehicle, it can create an immediate road hazard for approaching cars.

If you are the victim of one of these unfortunate circumstances, you should not have to pay for damages. Determining fault can help you avoid some significant repair costs.