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When Winning Is Your Only Option
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4 transport options to avoid issues during the music festival

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents

The iHeart Music Festival is a huge event in Las Vegas each year. Along with such a large festival comes a massive number of people and drivers on the roadways. DUIs are common around such events because people are having a good time and get carried away. You may want to set plans in advance for how you will get around during the festival.

Las Vegas offers four different options for transportation that can get you where you need to go through the festival and your time here, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Here is a look at these four options.

  1. Monorail

The monorail travels on the Las Vegas Strip. It stops at seven different places. This could work if you need to travel in this area at any point. You can pay for a single ride or get a day pass. If you plan to stay for a week, you can also get a seven-day pass. Do note it does not run at night, but makes a great option during the day.

  1. Ride-sharing

Ride-sharing options are the same as in other large cities. This form of transportation probably has the least restrictions. You can generally gets rides all over the city at any time. Costs do vary and during special events or high demand, the costs may go up.

  1. The Deuce

The Deuce is a bus that runs two routes through the city. You can buy passes for two hours, 24 hours or three days. It is the most affordable transportation option, but it does have a limited access area and running times.

  1. Taxis

Like ride-sharing, taxis are easily available. Costs will vary as well. They also run all hours. Do keep in mind that you need a physical address for pick up if you call for a taxi. You also cannot hail one from the street.

With one of these four options, you should be able to find suitable transportation during the festival. Then, you can have a good time without worries about getting a DUI.