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Is it safe for visitors to walk around Las Vegas?

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents

When people come to Las Vegas, they want to be able to enjoy unparalleled entertainment and attractions. But a worrying question often nags at them: Is it safe to walk around Las Vegas?

When people ask this, they’re usually thinking about crime. Instead, what they should be concerned about is traffic.

A dangerous area for pedestrians

The crime rate in Las Vegas is relatively low. If you’re walking around the city, it is drivers that should worry you more.

According to a report in the Las Vegas Sun, one recent UNLV study found there were 21,943 crashes reported in the metro area in 2018. Of those, more than 12,000 resulted in injuries, and 138 were fatal.

Those numbers are somewhat staggering, but are far from the only troubling example. In recent years, other studies have found:

  • Las Vegas is the 21st-most dangerous metro area for pedestrian deaths
  • Nevada as a whole ranked fifth overall in most pedestrian fatalities from 2013-17
  • The state had the seventh-largest increase in pedestrian deaths during that time

Why is it so dangerous?

There are a few reasons the Las Vegas area might be such a danger to those on foot.

Some areas are quite dense and feature lots of vehicle traffic. Events can cause an influx of more people to be out on the roads. Street design might also play a role, with things like high speed limits or disadvantageous driveway locations potentially a factor.

However, it is distracted driving that is frequently to blame, with one lieutenant telling the Las Vegas Sun people are “doing 10 things in their car at once instead of driving.”

If a crash happens in Vegas, then any potential legal action will have to occur there as well. This means visitors looking to seek compensation for their injuries after a wreck have to follow the state’s laws. A local law firm is often in the best position to provide that service.

A trip to Las Vegas can be a wonderful time. Just make sure you know where potential danger may come from.