When Winning Is Your Only Option

When Winning Is Your Only Option
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Will my car insurance pay my medical bills if my rental crashes?

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Car Accidents

When you visit Las Vegas, you may decide to rent a car to leave the city. You might want to check out the Hoover Dam or drive all-terrain vehicles in the desert. But what happens if you get in an accident in a rental car?

Even if the accident isn’t your fault, you may worry about having to pay for the damage. And if you suffered injuries, you may be unsure who pays for your medical bills. But depending on your personal and rental insurance, you may have coverage.

You can protect yourself with insurance from the rental company

When you pick up your car, the rental company will offer you daily insurance coverage. Their policy may have options to cover damage to the vehicle, liability for injuries to the other driver or personal protection coverage for your injuries.

If the other driver causes the accident, you can file a claim against their liability insurance to pay for your medical bills. But if their policy doesn’t cover your costs or they don’t have insurance, you can use the rental company’s personal accident insurance.

Your car insurance policy may already protect you in a rental

However, if you don’t pay for the rental insurance, your car insurance may still cover you. If you have personal injury protection or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, these can cover you in a rental. Each insurance company has different policies about rental cars, so you may want to check with your provider.

Checking your coverage before your trip

You expect your Vegas vacation to be full of fun, memorable experiences. But if you choose to use a rental to get around, you may want to cover yourself from a car accident. Before a crash threatens your good time, you may want to make sure you can rely on insurance for any medical bills.