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Auto-pedestrian accidents: Woman injured in hit-and-run crash

For residents of Nevada cities such as Las Vegas, walking is a primary source of transportation. Not only is walking economical, it is also very healthy and a great way to stay in shape. Due to the high traffic volumes in and around Las Vegas, many people here choose to walk instead of drive. Unfortunately, higher traffic volumes combined with higher numbers of pedestrians is a recipe for auto-pedestrian accidents.

Despite safety improvements, pedestrian accidents still happen

Las Vegas is one of the top tourists destinations in the United States. Every year, thousands of people visit this city known as the Entertainment Capital of the World. There will inevitably be even more pedestrians present on and around city streets as tourist season approaches. Unfortunately, cities in Nevada have seen an increase in pedestrian accidents in recent years. Any accident of this type is traumatic, but when the at-fault driver flees the scene the experience can be devastating for victims and families.

Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrian killed by tractor-trailer

Virtually every Nevada resident is a pedestrian at some point during the day. Pedestrians are unprotected and totally exposed, so pedestrian accidents are more likely to be fatal. When walkers are struck by extremely large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, the chances of survival are slim. Recently, I-15 in Las Vegas was shut down after a tractor-trailer ran over and killed a pedestrian.

Bicycle accidents: Young boy injured by hit-and-run driver

Cycling is not only a popular form of recreation in Nevada, but also an economical form of transportation. Especially in crowded cities such as Las Vegas, traveling by bicycle is very convenient, good for the environment and a great way to stay in shape. The wonderful climate here makes for great riding conditions year-round. However, as roads have become more and more crowded in recent years, bicycle accidents have become a big concern. Unfortunately, these type of accidents often result in serious injury or death.

Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrian in Reno struck and killed

In Nevada cities, many people choose walking as a main source of transportation. Walking and jogging are also very popular forms of exercise and recreation these days, and, on most days, it is not uncommon to see large numbers of walkers and runners enjoying the abundant sunshine and comfortable temperatures found here. There is no shortage of pedestrians in Nevada today. Unfortunately, any time vehicles and pedestrians are in close proximity, pedestrian accidents will happen.

Pedestrian accidents still happen despite safety improvements

Streets in and around Las Vegas, Nevada have become incredibly dangerous. Pedestrians face unique dangers that may not be present to those in vehicles. To prevent pedestrian accidents, both drivers and pedestrians should obey all traffic laws, remain focused and aware of surroundings at all times. Unfortunately, a recent tragic accident in North Las Vegas claimed the life of a pedestrian.

Bicycle accidents: Driver flees scene after striking bicyclist

The weather is great year-round in the state of Nevada. Because of the wonderful climate, outdoor activities such as jogging and biking are very popular forms of recreation. Take a drive through any Nevada city or suburb anytime during the day and it's evident that cycling and running are favorite activities among residents here. Unfortunately, cycling or running alongside crowded roadways can also be dangerous. Due to the growing popularity of cycling, bicycle accidents have increased in recent years.

Pedestrian accidents: Seperate crashes kill 2 on the same day

In Nevada cities such as Las Vegas, many people choose walking as their main form of transportation. Crossing roadways and walking along crowded city streets can be extremely dangerous. In recent years, pedestrian accidents have risen dramatically across the state of Nevada. Recently, two pedestrians were killed on the same day in different crashes.

Las Vegas is seeing more and more pedestrian accidents

Every person is a pedestrian at some point. Walking is a primary form of transportation in Nevada cities like Las Vegas and pedestrians are literally everywhere 24 hours a day. This is one of many reasons why pedestrian safety is such a big concern these days. Despite significant progress in pedestrian safety measures, pedestrian accidents are increasing every year. A recent accident in Las Vegas affected a pedestrian and his dog.

Pedestrian accidents: Mother and young boy killed

Take a walk along the streets of Las Vegas and it's easy to see that dangers are abundant. Roadways across Nevada have become extremely crowded and are growing more dangerous every year. Pedestrians who walk on or near these crowded roads are at an increased risk for serious injuries since they are completely exposed. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents have risen sharply in recent years.

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