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Motorcycle accidents: Tragic crash kills high school student

Motorcycles can definitely be a fun and enjoyable way to travel. The relatively dry weather in Nevada makes this a great state for motorcyclists. However, motorcycles can also be incredibly dangerous, especially on crowded city streets. Due to their smaller profile, motorcycles can sometimes be difficult for other motorists to see, which is a cause of many motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to be fatal

Nevada is a great state for motorcyclists. The climate here makes traveling by motorcycle very enjoyable almost year-round. Of course, motorcyclists face different kinds of dangers than those who travel in passenger vehicles. It's not the motorcycles themselves that are so dangerous, but the other vehicles on the road. Tragically, motorcycle accidents typically result in very serious injuries or death.

Serious injuries often accompany motorcycle accidents

There's no doubt that motorcycles can be dangerous. Although motorcycles can be a fun way to travel in Nevada, those who ride motorcycles are confronted with unique dangers that are not present for other motorists. According to statistics, motorcyclists are 5 times more likely to be injured in a crash than those in passenger vehicles. Motorcyclists are minimally protected, so when motorcycle accidents happen, they are more likely to result in serious injury or death.

Police are making efforts to prevent motorcycle accidents in Reno

Motorcycles are a fun and economical way to explore scenic roadways and city streets across Nevada. The wonderful year-round climate makes Nevada a popular destination for motorcyclists. However, due to the lack of protection, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury or death. An annual motorcycle celebration will be taking place very soon in Reno, and police are urging riders and drivers to be extra careful.

Awareness is key in preventing motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles have a reputation of being one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Nevada boasts a wonderful climate and has no shortage of scenic roadways, making this a great state for bikers. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have been increasing across the state in recent years. Accidents involving motorcycles have a higher fatality rate, since those who travel by motorcycle are minimally protected.

Many motorcycle accidents result in death or serious injury

For many people, the natural beauty of Nevada is best enjoyed from behind the handle bars of a motorcycle. Nevada is home to an abundance of scenic roadways that thousands of motorcyclists enjoy every year. Unfortunately, those who travel by motorcycle are faced with unique dangers and challenges that those in passenger vehicles typically are exempt from. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles can be more difficult for other drivers to see, which is a primary cause of many motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: Biker's leg amputated after Las Vegas crash

A wonderful climate and scenic roadways make Nevada a great state for motorcyclists. Nevada offers an abundance of wide open spaces that can be joyously explored behind the handle bars of a motorcycle. Nevada also hosts many prosperous cities with a steadily increasing population. Navigating congested city streets with a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous, as evidenced by the continued rise of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: Las Vegas motorcyclist critically injured

Since motorcycles can be more difficult to notice than other vehicles, motorists should always be cautious and on the lookout for them when traveling or commuting. As the warmer months quickly approach in Nevada, motorcyclists will be taking to roadways across the state to enjoy warmer temperatures. This is the time of year when motorcycle accidents happen most often.

Motor vehicle crash claims the life of motorcyclist

As roadways become more and more crowded in the state of Nevada, the chances of accidents occurring are drastically increasing. Unlike automobile drivers, motorcyclists are more exposed to the hazards and dangers typical of modern roadways. Motorcycles are also more difficult to see than cars or trucks, contributing to the likelihood of an accident. Because motorcyclists are so exposed, accidents involving motorcycles typically have fatal consequences. Sadly, this was the case in a recent motor vehicle crash that claimed the life of a Las Vegas motorcyclist.

Henderson man killed in motorcycle vs. motor vehicle crash

A 52-year-old Nevada motorcyclist was identified as the man who lost his life late last month. The coroner of Clark County said the man's death was caused by multiple injuries he suffered in a motor vehicle crash. Henderson Police said the man's motorcycle was struck by a car on West Warm Springs Road.

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