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Pedestrian accident results in DUI arrest

Nevada cities are thriving these days, and populations are on the rise. With the increasing population comes a rise in traffic, not only from motorists, but also from pedestrians. With vehicles and pedestrians in such close proximity, the likelihood of a pedestrian accident occurring is high. A recent accident in Reno resulted in injuries to a pedestrian and a DUI arrest for the driver.

Walking tips for Las Vegas tourists

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas soon? Great! You should have an amazing time and, hopefully, return home with more money than you arrived with. One thing to know, though, is that many Las Vegas tourists walk. And walk. And then they walk some more. Pedestrian safety is important, so here are some ways to stay safe.

Pedestrian accident in Reno sends victim to hospital

Nevada cities are thriving these days. That means there are pedestrians literally everywhere. With vehicles and people in such close proximity, accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, since runners and walkers are exposed, the odds of serious injury in a pedestrian accident are greater. This was the case in a recent accident in Reno involving a vehicle and a man who was walking across a street.

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident claims the life of Reno man

Just like driving, walking along roadways these days can be a risky endeavour. In many crowded Nevada cities, walking is a main source of transportation. As populations rise, more and more pedestrians are put in harm's way as they attempt to navigate busy city streets. With so many pedestrians and vehicles in the same vicinity, it is not a question of if a pedestrian accident will occur, but when. One such accident recently claimed the life of a Reno man.

Alcohol involved in fatal pedestrian accident

Populations are on the rise in Nevada cities. An increasing population leads to an increase in the number of automobiles on roadways. For some city residents, a main source of transportation is walking, and with pedestrians and vehicles in such close proximity, the odds of a pedestrian accident occurring increase dramatically. One such accident recently claimed the life of a Las Vegas pedestrian as he attempted to push a wheelchair across a street.

How can pedestrians protect themselves from dangerous drivers?

An SUV struck a man who was crossing the street by the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino on Saturday night, killing him. On Sunday afternoon, a pedestrian was in critical condition following a crash near Desert Breeze Park. This is clearly a problem in our area that isn't going away-in fact, it seems worse than ever. What can you do to protect yourself when you're on foot, besides looking both ways?

Pedestrian accident in Nevada results in fatality

Pedestrians are literally everywhere in Nevada cities these days. City streets and sidewalks are often heavily congested with foot traffic. This constant flow of foot traffic can pose challenges and risks to drivers and pedestrians alike. With so many people and vehicles in the same place at the same time, it's definitely no surprise that accidents happen. Recently, a pedestrian accident in Reno left a man dead.

Las Vegas teen suffers serious injuries in pedestrian accident

When a Nevada family has to cope with unexpected medical expenses, it can have a severe impact on its financial stability. A Las Vegas family is facing medical bills after their 16-year-old son was injured in a pedestrian accident. These are not expenses that are typically included in a family's budget. It was reported that the teenager suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash.

Nevada pedestrian accident kills Carson City woman

On Jan. 27, a pedestrian was struck and killed in Carson City. The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that another fatal pedestrian accident recently occurred only a short distance away from the scene of the January one. According to the Sheriff's Office, extensive pedestrian crosswalk enforcement has been concentrated in that area over the past year. Sadly, this could not avoid the loss of another life.

Metro Police investigating incident of pedestrian hit by a bus

According to statistics from the Nevada Zero Fatalities campaign, 60 pedestrians lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in 2015. They also indicate that pedestrians who are struck by vehicles while they are on sidewalks make up 8 percent of pedestrian deaths in the state. Clark County officials reported that a collision involving a pedestrian hit by a bus occurred on a recent Saturday morning.

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