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Premises liability: All states have laws to protect customers

In Nevada and across the country, thousands of people are injured every year due to dangerous conditions in shops, stores and restaurants. Premises liability laws were established in all states to protect patrons and all legal visitors of these public places. Unfortunately, basic duties such as cleaning up spills can sometimes be neglected, leaving potential hazards that could cause injuries.

Premises liability: Woman injured due to wet floor in restaurant

It is required that all shops and businesses across the state of Nevada comply with strict safety codes and regulations to ensure that citizens and visitors are safe when visiting these establishments. As summer arrives, people across the country will be visiting Nevada cities like Las Vegas to take advantage of the first-class restaurants and wonderful entertainment abundantly available here. Stores, restaurants and business will be booming with tourists. Premises liability laws say that business and property owners have an obligation to provide a safe, hazard-free environment for all legal visitors. However, maintenance can be neglected or hazards can be left on floors, and this can lead to accidents and injuries.

Man files premises liability suit after alleged fall at a mall

Shoppers in the state of Nevada should be able to visit businesses and shops without worrying about hazards that can potentially cause harm. Things like water leaks, inadequate lighting and other hazards can lead to serious injuries. It is the responsibility of the property owner to take care of issues such as these and provide a safe environment reasonably free of hazards for patrons and invitees. What can be done when patrons suffer injury due to unsafe property conditions? A man in another state was allegedly injured due to a hazardous conditions when visiting a mall, and he has filed a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip and falls can cause serious injuires

It is the responsibility of building owners and business owners to keep their buildings and establishments safe and free of hazards. Unfortunately, it seems that slip and falls are becoming more and more common these days not only in the state of Nevada, but all across the country. Hazards left on the floor from routine maintenance or cleaning can be very dangerous and can cause serious harm to patrons and visitors. A lawsuit was filed recently in another state after a woman allegedly fell in her place of work and was injured.

Almost $1 million awarded after dog bites woman

Unfortunately, even though most dogs in the state of Nevada are friendly animals with responsible owners, some dogs can be hostile, aggressive and will attack when approached. Even dogs that have been trained and seem harmless can issue a painful bite without warning. Dog bites can cause very serious and permanent injuries. Recently, a woman in another state was awarded nearly $1 million from a successful lawsuit after suffering substantial injuries from a dog bite.

Premises liability suit filed after slip and fall in apartment

Its just a fact of life that accidents are going to happen. Most accidents are unexpected and often unpreventable; that's why they are called accidents. However, some accidents can be prevented just by taking a few basic precautions. Unfortunately, property owners may fail to take necessary precautions to prevent accidents from occurring to visitors and patrons. Property owners in the state of Nevada can be held legally responsible through a premises liability claim when hazards or negligence on their property contribute to an accident.

Shoppers can suffer injuries in slip-and-fall accidents

Patrons in the state of Nevada should have the freedom to visit their favorite stores without fear of suffering injury. Unfortunately, thousands of shoppers across the country are injured in slip\-and\-fall accidents each year. Failure to properly clean or clear floors of loose objects or obstacles can cause serious injury to shoppers. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she suffered injuries from a fall in a department store.

Poor lighting can contribute to slip-and-fall accidents

Business and facilities in the state of Nevada and across the United States have an obligation to keep their premises free of hazards. Poor lighting or hazards left on the floor during maintenance can result in slip\-and\-fall accidents. A man in another state recently filed a lawsuit after claims that poor lighting caused him to fall down a flight of stairs and fracture his leg.

Wal-Mart at the center of premises liability claim

These days its common knowledge that Wal-Mart is one of the largest corporations in America, with stores all over Nevada, as well as every other state in the country. Any business, large or small, has an obligation to keep customers safe and free of hazards while shopping. Unfortunately, accidents in stores will happen. When an accident is the result of hazards or hazardous material left lying on the floor, the victim may be entitled to take legal action. Recently, an accident in a Wal-Mart store in another state resulted in a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip-and-fall accidents injure thousands each year

Business owners have an obligation to customers to keep their businesses safe and free of hazards. However, slip\-and\-fall accidents are becoming a common occurrence in the state of Nevada. Careless maintenance or hazards left on the floor of a store can cause serious injuries to shoppers. Recently, a shopper in another state was injured from a fall in a restaurant and he is holding the business responsible.

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