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The dangers of drowsy drivers in Las Vegas

If you live in Las Vegas, you know it is the city that parties all night. Tourists come for the weekend and stay all night gambling, drinking and shopping. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this behavior, it becomes a problem when these people drive. Whether they drove into town with their own car or rented a vehicle, these people can cause serious accidents if they drive while intoxicated.

Possible Nevada drunk driving accident seriously injures teenager

Some car accidents are impossible to avoid, even when a driver makes his or her best attempt to avoid a collision. Often, alcohol may be a contributing factor. Sadly, accidents on Nevada roadways caused by drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol often result in physical harm to innocent victims. A recent collision that appears to be a possible drunk driving accident caused multiple injuries to an 18-year-old passenger.

Alleged drunk driving accident kills child and grandmother

The victims of a tragic drunk driving accident have been identified in Clark County, Nevada. The two people killed were a young girl, age 6, and her grandmother. According to local law enforcement, the two victims were struck by a drunk driver as they were waiting at a bus stop. One other young girl suffered minor injuries in the drunk driving accident. 

2 dead after alleged drunk driving accident

A driver will face charges for drunk driving after a serious collision took the life of two women. The drunk driving accident occurred as a vehicle was struck while trying to make a U-turn at an intersection. Nevada law enforcement officers arrested the driver who hit the turning vehicle on suspicion of drunk driving. 

Drunk driving accident may lead to death in Nevada

Discovering that a close family member has died in a Nevada car accident is naturally devastating. If the collision occurred because the evidence suggests that a driver chose to drink and drive, this can spark feelings of anger as well. It is within the legal rights of the surviving family members to seek justice as they cope with the tragic loss of their loved one in an apparent drunk driving accident.

Nevada woman loses life in apparent drunk driving accident

A drunk driving accident that involves another motorist can result in tragic consequences for the innocent party. Serious injury can sometimes lead to death and place unexpected financial and emotional strain on loved ones as they grieve. A Nevada woman recently lost her life after being struck in what the authorities have described as a wrong way drunk driving accident that occurred in the early morning hours.

Henderson woman dead after alleged drunk driving accident

A Henderson woman is dead from severe blunt force trauma after an alleged drunk driving accident. The supposed drunk driving accident occurred on Interstate 215, purportedly because the driver was traveling the wrong way on the road. Although the woman did tragically suffer fatal injuries, the driver only sustained minor injuries for which he received needed medical attention.

Man receives jail time for fatal drunk driving accident

After pleading guilty to charges for drunk driving, a man was sentenced to jail time for a fatal accident in Las Vegas. The man will serve anywhere from eight to 20 years behind bars in a Nevada prison for the accident that claimed the life of two individuals. At the time of the drunk driving accident, the driver fled the scene of the incident but was later apprehended by law enforcement.

Possible drunk driving accident turned fatal in Las Vegas

Accidents occur virtually every day in Las Vegas. It isn't uncommon for these collisions to be a drunk driving accident. Unfortunately, a construction worker in Las Vegas is said to have been struck by a drunk driver recently while working, resulting in his death.

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